2017-09-01 / City Stuff

Golf carts: Fun to drive; follow the city’s laws

Golf carts are common and perfectly legal to drive on nearly all streets in Port Aransas.

But, remember: If you don’t drive them right, you could get a ticket.

Driving on State Highway 361 is against the law, and it’s dangerous, with much larger vehicles traveling lots faster than carts can go.

Carts also aren’t allowed on the new 10-foot-wide concrete hike-and-bike path that borders the highway between Avenue G Beach Access Road 1A, police say.

Golf carts must have up-to-date registrations with the City of Port Aransas. City Hall issues license plates. Registration costs $50 each year for residents and $100 for non-residents.

Cart operators – like drivers of regular vehicles – are prohibited from drinking and driving.

Carts are allowed on the beach roadway, but it’s against a city ordinance to drive them between the wooden bollards and head down to the water’s edge.

Slow-moving golf carts should pull to one side of the road, if it can be done safely, if they’re holding up traffic, according to police.

Only people with driver’s licenses may legally operate golf carts on city streets.

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