2018-03-01 / City Stuff

Glad y’all are here!

Welcome to Port Aransas!

We’re always happy to welcome our visitors, but this spring we are especially happy to have you here.

As many of you know, Hurricane Harvey was an uninvited guest who paid an unwelcome visit to Port Aransas last August. He managed to spoil our fall season not only for residents, but for visitors as well.

His remnants are still evident, but if you saw Port Aransas the day after Harvey hit and could compare it to today, you would see the incredible difference that hard work, determination and the love and support of thousands from across not only the state, but the country, have made on our little island town.

If you’re a repeat visitor, you’ll notice some things missing; you’ll see that not everything is up and running, but we hope you’ll be able to appreciate what we do have to offer. Please enjoy our restaurants, shops, night spots, the beach and fishing. There’s still plenty to go around.

First-time visitors should be advised that there’s more to come.

To paraphrase an old phrase, “what hasn’t killed us will make us stronger,” and Port Aransas is proving that to be true.

We are determined that what rises out of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey will be even better than what went before it.

So, please enjoy our town and all we have to offer.

Y’all come back to see us real soon!

Mary Henkel Judson
Editor and Co-Publisher

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