Guided tours of wetlands offered

Guided tours of wetlands offered

Guided tours of wetlands offered

The Wetlands Education Center (WEC) at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute is an ADA-compliant, 3.6-acre wetland between the Patton Marine Science Education Center and the south jetty. The WEC offers an up-close look at coastal vegetation and waterfowl.

Free guided tours are available for up to 15 people on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 9 a.m.

People participating in the tours will be able to witness sights such as coastal vegetation, migrant waterfowl, and resident marsh bids.

“Preservation of coastal wetlands and estuaries is vital to the health of area bays and the Gulf of Mexico,” the institute’s website says. “The grasses and shallow waters dissipate storm surges and prevent erosion, acting as natural buffers between land and sea. Educating school children and visitors about the importance of wetlands to both nature and humankind is the objective of the Wetlands Education Center.”

Participants should park at the institute’s Patton Center for Marine Science Education, 855 E. Cotter Avenue and meet at the front doors of the Patton Center.

Tour groups of over 10 people should schedule a private tour at msi-edureserve@utlists. utexas.edu.

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