Keep beach safe for all by following rules

A man and his best friend take a stroll on the beach on a foggy day during the winter 2021.

A man and his best friend take a stroll on the beach on a foggy day during the winter 2021.

We’re proud of our beach here in Port Aransas, so we’ve put city ordinances in place to keep the beach a safe and fun place to visit.

The speed limit on the beach is 15 mph. Offenders could be fined up to $500.

Glass bottles are not permitted.The point is to prevent broken glass from littering the sand injuring barefoot folks.

Campfires must be contained, whether in a grill, fire pit or hole in the sand. The fire cannot be larger than 3 feet wide, 3 feet high or 3 feet deep. Construction materials and pallets shouldn’t be burned, police say. Anything with nails or screws shouldn’t be used in fires.

Fires should be put out with water and buried in sand when the party’s over.

A parking permit is required to park on the city’s beach. Permits may be purchased from the city’s vendor on the beach, the Port Aransas Tourism Bureau and Chamber of Commerce, the Family Center IGA, the CVS pharmacy or any convenience store on the island.

No permit is required between mile markers 52 and 58 or at I.B. Magee Jr. Beach Park, a county park within the Port Aransas city limits.

Each permit costs $12 and is good for the rest of the calendar year.

RV parking on city beaches must be done in a head-in style. (Another way of saying that:You must park perpendicularly to the shoreline.)

It’s free to camp on the beach, but it’s against the law to do it for any more than three days in a three-week period.

Parking is not permitted within 300 feet of any beach entrance or along the sand dunes. Vehicles are not allowed on the surf side of the wood posts (they’re called bollards) that line much of the beach. A city ordinance prohibits vehicles from parking or traveling within 50 feet of the water’s edge.

Garbage should be discarded in garbage cans on the beach (including snuffed cigarette butts). Discarded tent or shade structure frames should be left next to a dumpster or trash bin, not inside.

Dog owners must pick up after their pets as well as keep them on leashes.

A law prohibits beachgoers from playing music louder than 85 decibels at the beach. An idling bulldozer’s noise generally is about 85 decibels.

It’s against the law for motorists to have open alcoholic beverages in their vehicles.

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